Office of Academic Affairs

Subject:1061 Course Selection Notice and Updated Course Schedule.


1The list of the courses Schedule.


(1) For the courses with time adjustment (including required course), course selection system will delete the old time selection and add in the new time selection automatically.

(2)If the add-in course with new time causes course schedule conflict, Curriculum Section will inform the student by e-mail. Student will have to delete the overlapping course before enrolling deadline.

(3)During Stage II and  Stage III course selection period, if students drop of the course that has reached the maximum capacity, the quota won’t be released immediately but after a period (e.g., 10 minutes or 1 hour) randomly.

 (4)Period2017/09/04(Mon.)12:00 p.m.~ 2017/09/18(Mon.)12:00 p.m.

●The first day 09/04(Mon.)12:00 p.m. is open only to fourth-year students and the prolonged study students of the two-year undergraduate program , and graduate students.

●The second day 09/05(Tue.)12:00 p.m. is open for all students.

(5)On-line course selection system:

●YZU homepage/Course Selection System/On-line Course Selection.

●YZU homepage/Portal/Academics/Elective System/Course Selection System/On-line Course Selection.

(6) Students should always be aware of the individual Confirmation of 1061 online course sign-up sheets at Portal / Academics/ Elective System / Course Selection List / Confirmation. The sheet mentioned above must be confirmed on line by 10/02/2017, when credit fees refund calculation will be made for prolonged students.

3Other Links:

(1)Course Selection System Manual

(2)Courses Sign-Up Schedule

(3)Course Selection Notification

(4)University Curriculum

Office of Academic Affairs, Curriculum Section

Study Rooms available during 2016 Spring Semester



Office of Academic Affairs

Subject: Study Rooms available in 2016 Spring Semester.


1.Available: 02/22/2016 06/25/2016


1115R:18:30-21:20 (Mon.~Fri.); 08:10-21:20 at weekends

2111R, 3107R and 70109R:18:30-21:20  (Mon.~ Sun.)

3. All study rooms are closed during Midterm and Final Examination Weeks (04/18~04/23/2016 and 06/20~06/25/2016)


(1) Smoking, food, and drinks are all forbidden.

(2) Please keep the room clean for the convenience of all users.

Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs

About Us

The Office of Academic Affairs was instituted according to the Yuan Ze University organizational regulations. The Dean of Academic Affair, a professor invited by the President, is in charge of overall academic affairs, the Vice Dean assists the Dean in the performance of his duties. The Office is constructed of five subordinate units:Registration Section, Curriculum Section, Admission Section, Teaching Services Section, and Teaching Excellence Center, to be in charge respectively of registration, curriculum, student recruitment, teaching quality enhancement and other academic affairs.

Associate responsibilities:

Registration Section:managing student registration, handling student status management, logging in student grades, managing student grades, issuing certificates, managing entrance examination, etc.

Admission Section:university expositions, holding campus tours, inviting high schools visiting in YZU,arranging YZU students back to home school for promoting YZU, arranging subject speeches to high schools, handling the studying career guidance seminar with partner high schools and other recruitment promotion activities.

Curriculum Section:managing course selection, arranging course schedule, handling classroom assignment, managing curriculum design, arranging mid-term and final exams, conflicting cross-department exams, managing professor’s payment administration, etc.

                Ministry of Education Course Information

Teaching Service Section:managing teaching facilities maintenance,  managing student learning survey, managing teaching quality evaluation, arranging after-school tutoring, managing teaching plan and teaching quality, etc.

Teaching Excellence Center:promoting the Top Universities Project, promoting the Teaching Excellence Project, arranging innovative courses and activities, enhancing and counseling faculty teaching development, arranging TA training activities, and arranging teaching seminars, etc.


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