Office of Academic Affairs


    Subject: In the event of an approachingTyphoon, course will be closed without further noticeif the Taoyuan County Government makes the announcement to close government offices in the Taoyuan area.

Office of Academic Affairs/Curriculum Section



各位同學,大家好! 1052期初學習問卷調查開始囉!請大家注意填答時間並請踴躍填答喔! 有了您的建議,學習問卷不但可以讓老師了解教學情形,也能讓教學優秀的老師得到正向的鼓勵,   所以您填寫的每份問卷對整體教學提升非常重要,敬請詳實填寫並請勿發表攻擊性或非屬事實的言論~ 【填...
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2017-03-24 00:13:08
一、申請時間: 依行事曆規定自106年2月22日起,至106年04月14日止。 向所屬系所提出申請 二、學位考試相關事項查詢:      元智首頁→學校行政業務→教務處→學生專區→畢業離校。 三、相關法規查詢: ...
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2017-02-20 11:42:58
教務處公告 中華民國106年02月15日 (106)智大教內第025號 主旨:1052學期大學部學生修習研究所課程學分採認申請 說明: 一、大四修習研究所課程欲保留於就讀研究所時抵免學分使用,須於1052學期選課問題處理截止日(106年3月10日)前完成申請手續,申請所修研究所課程學分將不...
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2017-02-15 15:11:28
一、申請日期: 106年2月6日~2月22日(逾期網路抵免系統將自動關閉) 二、抵免事項說明            (一)抵免審核:              ...
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2017-01-24 11:20:47

Study Rooms available during 2016 Spring Semester



Office of Academic Affairs

Subject: Study Rooms available in 2016 Spring Semester.


1.Available: 02/22/2016 06/25/2016


1115R:18:30-21:20 (Mon.~Fri.); 08:10-21:20 at weekends

2111R, 3107R and 70109R:18:30-21:20  (Mon.~ Sun.)

3. All study rooms are closed during Midterm and Final Examination Weeks (04/18~04/23/2016 and 06/20~06/25/2016)


(1) Smoking, food, and drinks are all forbidden.

(2) Please keep the room clean for the convenience of all users.

Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs

About Us

The Office of Academic Affairs was instituted according to the Yuan Ze University organizational regulations. The Dean of Academic Affair, a professor invited by the President, is in charge of overall academic affairs, the Vice Dean assists the Dean in the performance of his duties. The Office is constructed of five subordinate units:Registration Section, Curriculum Section, Admission Section, Teaching Services Section, and Teaching Excellence Center, to be in charge respectively of registration, curriculum, student recruitment, teaching quality enhancement and other academic affairs.

Associate responsibilities:

Registration Section:managing student registration, handling student status management, logging in student grades, managing student grades, issuing certificates, managing entrance examination, etc.

Admission Section:university expositions, holding campus tours, inviting high schools visiting in YZU,arranging YZU students back to home school for promoting YZU, arranging subject speeches to high schools, handling the studying career guidance seminar with partner high schools and other recruitment promotion activities.

Curriculum Section:managing course selection, arranging course schedule, handling classroom assignment, managing curriculum design, arranging mid-term and final exams, conflicting cross-department exams, managing professor’s payment administration, etc.

                Ministry of Education Course Information

Teaching Service Section:managing teaching facilities maintenance,  managing student learning survey, managing teaching quality evaluation, arranging after-school tutoring, managing teaching plan and teaching quality, etc.

Teaching Excellence Center:promoting the Top Universities Project, promoting the Teaching Excellence Project, arranging innovative courses and activities, enhancing and counseling faculty teaching development, arranging TA training activities, and arranging teaching seminars, etc.


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