Office of Academic Affairs


Subject:Stage Ⅱ computer random-selection schedule and notification.


(一)Period:2018/06/11(Mon.) 12:00 p.m~2018/06/14 (Thu.)12:00 p.m.

(二)Target audience:General students and those who have not been drawn at Stage I computer random-selection.

(三)Associate announcement:Press here to download the list of the courses that exceed the maximum limit.

(四)Path to the computer random-selection referred: “YZU homepage/Portal/Academics/Elective System/Drawing of Lots for Course Pre-selection (Students without Priority for Course Selection)”.

* If individuals do not attend the computer random-selection, it will be regarded as disclaim the course selection.

Office of Academic Affairs, Curriculum Section


Online survey for learning from May 30, 2019 ~ June 12, 2019.

Dear students,

The University is going to launch an online survey activity on May 30. Your participation in this survey activity will help your instructors with not only mastering your learning progress but also delivering lectures with high quality. Students who enroll in the English camp courses and PE courses will be also required to participate in the online survey activity during the final period of a term.

Full details of this activity are revealed as follows:

ØActivity Period: May 30, 2019 ~ June 12, 2019.

ØHow to enter the questionnaires webpage:

Step 1: Log into Portal

Step 2: Click “New Questionnaire” to enter the questionnaire webpage

Step 3: Click “My Course Questionnaire” to enter the course questionnaire webpage  

ØStudents who complete end-of-first semester and beginning-of-second semester questionnaires for 2019 school year will have a chance to receive a priority enrollment appointment as described below.

ØPriority Enrollment policy: quotas set for priority enrollment

- For the class with a maximum number of 35 students, the quota on priority enrollment is 5.

- For the class with students between 36 and 70, the quota on priority enrollment is 10.

- For the class with a maximum number of 71 students, the quota on priority enrollment is 15.

The above policy is merely applied to elective courses and students who complete all online questionnaires.

Meanwhile, your personal information is kept private.

Thank you for your participation.

Teaching Services Section Office of Academic Affairs

Announcement Office of Academic Affairs :Reduced Course Load


Office of Academic Affairs

Subject2019 Spring semester Reduced Course Load application will begin from February 1st 2019 (Friday) 12.00 noon and end on February 25th, 2019 (Monday) 12.00 noonIndividuals will be able to apply online, applicants shall submit a parental consent form to the office of department before its deadline and have the course selected before the online course selection stage III ends.


1. Course drop procedurePlease apply through Internet Explorer.Do not use through Google, Firefox…or any other web browsers 

Portal →Study File →Course Reduction →Fill in your reason for application →SubmitParental Consent Form will need to be verified in the office of department→Once it’s been approvedindividuals can reduce the course online during the course selection period.

2. Reduced Course Load online begins from February 1st 2019 (Friday) 12.00 noon and end on February 25th, 2019 (Monday) 12.00 noon. Individuals shall apply online early and submit a parental consent form to the office of department and have the course selected before the online course selection stage III ends.

3. According to the university rules and regulations, undergraduate students who apply for the Reduced Course Load shall obtain a special reason and shall take one course at least (not including PE, Military Training and Service Learning) besides exchange students, or will suffer from suspension of schooling, students who extend the studies can select the courses of their wish and need not to apply for the course dropRegistration required for individuals who take no classes.

4. Individuals who wish to drop course in the mid semester but will then have credits less than the minimum of credits required that semester shall apply for Reduced Course Load at this time. Once the course discontinue begins, no course drop allowed.

Announcement of 1071 Course Selection

Download 1071 Course Sign-up schedule

Download Notice of 1071 Course Selection

Stage I computer random-selection: 2018/06/01 12.00 noon.- 2018/06/04 12.00 noon. (Limited to the students with course selection priority, of which the priority and courses mentioned should refer to the announcement (general students please attend Stage II)

Stage II computer random-selection: 2018/06/11 12.00 noon.~2018/06/14 12.00 noon. (This stage is for all students; students fail in the Stage I-computer random-selection may attend this second stage.)

Office of Academic Affairs will post the list of the courses that exceed the maximum of the course on 2018/05/31 for the Stage I. The office will post the list of the course for Stage II on 2018/06/08 Those who are qualified to sign-up for the courses, please follow the path “Portal/Academics/Elective system/預選電腦抽籤(Drawing of Lots for Course Pre-selection)” to access the computer random-selection. If any students who fail do so, would be considered giving up the course.

Best regards,

Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs



Study Rooms available during 2016 Spring Semester



Office of Academic Affairs

Subject: Study Rooms available in 2016 Spring Semester.


1.Available: 02/22/2016 06/25/2016


1115R:18:30-21:20 (Mon.~Fri.); 08:10-21:20 at weekends

2111R, 3107R and 70109R:18:30-21:20  (Mon.~ Sun.)

3. All study rooms are closed during Midterm and Final Examination Weeks (04/18~04/23/2016 and 06/20~06/25/2016)


(1) Smoking, food, and drinks are all forbidden.

(2) Please keep the room clean for the convenience of all users.

Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs

About Us

The Office of Academic Affairs was instituted according to the Yuan Ze University organizational regulations. The Dean of Academic Affair, a professor invited by the President, is in charge of overall academic affairs, the Vice Dean assists the Dean in the performance of his duties. The Office is constructed of five subordinate units:Registration Section, Curriculum Section, Admission Section, Teaching Services Section, and Teaching Excellence Center, to be in charge respectively of registration, curriculum, student recruitment, teaching quality enhancement and other academic affairs.

Associate responsibilities:

Registration Section:managing student registration, handling student status management, logging in student grades, managing student grades, issuing certificates, managing entrance examination, etc.

Admission Section:university expositions, holding campus tours, inviting high schools visiting in YZU,arranging YZU students back to home school for promoting YZU, arranging subject speeches to high schools, handling the studying career guidance seminar with partner high schools and other recruitment promotion activities.

Curriculum Section:managing course selection, arranging course schedule, handling classroom assignment, managing curriculum design, arranging mid-term and final exams, conflicting cross-department exams, managing professor’s payment administration, etc.

                Ministry of Education Course Information

Teaching Service Section:managing teaching facilities maintenance,  managing student learning survey, managing teaching quality evaluation, arranging after-school tutoring, managing teaching plan and teaching quality, etc.

Teaching Excellence Center:promoting the Top Universities Project, promoting the Teaching Excellence Project, arranging innovative courses and activities, enhancing and counseling faculty teaching development, arranging TA training activities, and arranging teaching seminars, etc.


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