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SubjectGraduate program (including Executive Master) and doctoral students starting from the 2016 academic year of enrollment have to complete and pass the “Academic Research Ethics Education” courses.


1.Office of Academic Affairs at YZU in the first semester of each academic year after the end of add-and-drop period shall submit the student information to the online platform of “Taiwan Research Ethics Education Promotion Resource Center” to help build the accounts. The Departmental administrators will handle the add-and-revise issues during the academic semester.

2. The students shall utilize the “Taiwan Research Ethics Education Promotion Resource Center” website in the first semester on the  web-based teaching platform to study the courses on their own..

3. The students can download the proof of course completion after finishing the required “Academic Research Ethics Education” courses, and passing the final evaluation (e.g. tests).“下載修課證明” for Certificate of Completion will appear in “學習歷程

4. For those students who take the course shall pass the final online course tests, receive a pass grade, submit the proof of course completion to their Departmental administrators, they will then start to apply for a degree’s oral exam. If they fail, they shall try again to make up the course completion before applying for the degree’s oral exam. Otherwise, they shall not apply for it at all.

5. Please refer to the attached file for the Operation Manual Mandatory Students English Guide (including Chinese/English versionversion)

6.The Process of Login

(1)Mandatory Students: Please select “Mandatory Student必修學生

(2)School: Please choose “Yuan Ze University”

(3)Account: Your student ID number is the account name.(Please fill in the first letter of your student ID no. in lower-case letter, e.g. s110xxxx)

(4)Password: The default password is the last 5 digits of your student ID. (e.g. 0xxxx)

(5)Enter authentication code

(6)Then press “Login”

(7)If you unable to login, please wait a moment. Please do not register a new account by yourself.

7. For further information concerning Academic Ethics please refer to: YZU homepage/Office of Academic Affairs/Students’ Resource / Academic

Office of Academic Affairs, Curriculum Section


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