1.2023 Spring Semester (1112) Courses Selection Schedule and Course selection notice are sending as linking documents, please feel free to print as needed.

2.The hard copy of COURSE SELECTION SCHEDULE AND NOTICE is available on request at the One-Stop Service Center or the Office of Academic Affairs.

3.You can also get the course selection information through the following methods:

(1) YZU homepage/Messages

(2) Office of Academic Affairs website/News

(3) Office of Academic Affairs website/Student Area/Course Selection

(Course Selection Schedule) https://www.yzu.edu.tw/admin/aa/index.php/tw/2016-01-14-06-58-46/2016-03-08-03-41-34/2016-03-08-03-50-32

(Course Selection Notice) https://www.yzu.edu.tw/admin/aa/index.php/tw/2016-01-14-06-58-46/2016-03-08-03-41-34/2016-03-08-06-37-07

(4) YZU Dormitory Bulletin Boards

(5) Department’s Bulletin Boards

4.Course Selection System Manual



Curriculum Section / Office of Academic Affairs


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