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                                                                                                                       Announcement Date: 2017/11/17

Subject: Regulations, application procedures and period of Course Withdrawal for 1061 semester.


1. Regulations & Application Period:(based on the 6th Academic Affairs Meeting if the 2013 School Year, 2014)

(1)Application period:2017/11/21 12:00 p.m.- 2017/12/22 12:00 p.m.

(2) Please use Internet Explorer(Do not use through Google, Firefox…or any other web browsers.)

(3) Students can withdraw only ONE course via on-line application per semester. While the application is processed, the application cannot be changed, please think carefully before you do so. If students have happened some special serious issues and need to apply for withdrawing two or more (inclusive) courses,  in this situation the application should process with the proof documents (transcript of previous semester if students whose number of failed credits account for 1/2 of the total number of credits for courses taken during the semester for two consecutive semesters) and dealt with by hand; the on-line application for withdrawing one course which student send previously, will be dismissed. In this case, students must apply for withdrawing courses through the printed application form advisor chairman of department that is responsible for the course approved by all of chairmen of departments that student study at approved by Office of Academic Affairs. and follow the procedures: course instructor

(4) Students must apply for it before the deadline; No any course withdrawal application will be accepted afterwards.

2. Application Procedures:

(1) Applying for withdrawing one course must be through on-line application procedures, and follow the path: Student Portal→ Study File→ Course withdrawal.When student completed online application procedures, the system will show “Under Review” immediately in the column of Review and Comment and send a notification e-mail to instructor of the course and applicant.  Please must make sure “Under Review” showed in column of Review and Comments before logout.

(2) If students have happened some special serious issues and need to apply for withdrawing two or more (inclusive) courses, students must apply for withdrawing courses through the printed application form.

(3) While the application was verified by the course instructor, the system will send an e-mail to student. When you receive the e-mail, please must check the application result and follow the path: Student Portal/Study File. If you have any problems, please MUST contact with Curriculum Section before 2017/12/27(Wed.) 12:00 P.M. If you do not finish the confirmation before the deadline, the office will process the course selection based on the records of Study Profiles in the Portal system.

(4) The credits of the course which is applied for withdrawal will not be included in the credit records of the specific semester. After applying for withdrawing course, the credits of course selection still needs to meet the minimum limitation regulation.

(5) Any course withdrawals will appear on the transcript with a grade of W (Withdrawal).

3. Notification:

Please complete the application before the deadline, and check the applying status.

Procedure Graph please click here.


Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs


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