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Download Notice of 1071 Course Selection

Stage I computer random-selection: 2018/06/01 12.00 noon.- 2018/06/04 12.00 noon. (Limited to the students with course selection priority, of which the priority and courses mentioned should refer to the announcement (general students please attend Stage II)

Stage II computer random-selection: 2018/06/11 12.00 noon.~2018/06/14 12.00 noon. (This stage is for all students; students fail in the Stage I-computer random-selection may attend this second stage.)

Office of Academic Affairs will post the list of the courses that exceed the maximum of the course on 2018/05/31 for the Stage I. The office will post the list of the course for Stage II on 2018/06/08 Those who are qualified to sign-up for the courses, please follow the path “Portal/Academics/Elective system/預選電腦抽籤(Drawing of Lots for Course Pre-selection)” to access the computer random-selection. If any students who fail do so, would be considered giving up the course.

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