Office of Academic Affairs

Subject:Stage I computer random-selection schedule and notification.


  • Period:  2020/12/21 (Mon.)12:00 p.m.~2020/12/24  (Thu.) 12:00 p.m.
  • Target audience: Limited to the students with course selection priority, of which the priority and courses mentioned should refer to the announcement (general students please attend Stage II).
  • Associate announcement:Press here to download the list of the courses that exceed the maximum limit.
  • Path to the computer random-selection referred:“YZU homepage/Portal/Academics/Elective System/Drawing of Lots for Course Pre-selection (Students with Priority for Course Selection)”.
  • Computer Random-Selection Q&A Path:“YZU homepage/Administration/Office of Academic Affairs/Menu /Courses/Computer random-selection”
  • * If individuals do not attend the computer random-selection, it will be regarded as disclaim the course selection.

Office of Academic Affairs, Curriculum Section


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