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To meet the demands of research and learning, the Office of Library and Information Services deploys advanced network systems below on campus covering departments, the Library, administrative buildings, classrooms, Dorms and the campus.  

  • Gigabit Internet Access
  • IEEE 802.11G Wireless LAN (54Mbps)
  • Intercampus roaming services

Furthermore, the University has focused on its information education as well as enhancing the quality of distance teaching for years. Accordingly, the Office of Library and Information Services sets up the Digital Learning Center, which comprises facilities below to facilitate the editing of digital teaching materials, distance teaching and online learning. 

  • E-classrooms
  • Digital Universe (in the Library)
  • Digital Group Study Rooms (in the Library)
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Future Classrooms

To achieve the goal of e-campus, the Office of Library and Information Services endeavors to develop information systems, enhance the network infrastructure and management, as well as provide advanced online services. Besides, Library users can benefit from Library services provided by the Consultation and Promotion Section via the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, email or phone.