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The Library of Yuan Ze University, established in 1989, aims to provide faculty, staff, and students with a wide range of information resources and collections for the purpose of academic research and studies. With a minimum annual increasing rate of about 25,000 volumes, the Library currently comprises a collection of over 400,000 items, such as books, journals and audio-visual materials. As of 1997, the Library, benefiting from advanced networking technologies, has provided on-the-go access for the University members to online e-resources of over 200 e-databases and over 50,000 e-journals. Furthermore, all University members are eligible to easily access the aforesaid e-resources via wireless roaming services.         

The Library of Yuan Ze University was first established in 1997; the building was extended in February, 2006 to meet the students’ growth needs, occupying 10,000 square meters, twice its original size, with 1,100 seats available. Aiming to provide a comfortable learning environment, the new building is designed to be wrapped around an atrium with natural light in the interior based on the public art conceptual and has been equipped with advanced facilities like computers, digital group study rooms and so on to meet the demands of reading and research. 

To combine the Library systems and the University administration systems, the Office of Library and Information System develops user-friendly systems to facilitate Library services such as Circulation, Materials Acquisition and Cataloging so as to promote the use of Library Collections and enhance on-campus information services.