Five steps to computer protection

  • Do not open unsolicited software and documentation.
  • Update your Windows.
  • Start your firewall settings.
  • Regular replacement of your personal account password, do not tell anyone your password.
  • Install the appropriate anti-virus software



Authorization Zone

Hostel ,Laboratory


How to install an antivirus software?

    If you have the conditions below, we suggested that you install.
    A. Regularly surf the internet
    B. Regularly send and receive email
    C. Regularly open or execute unknown applications

Can I install two different antivirus softwares in the same time?

    Suggest not. It may be possible to shut down or slow down your computer.

Can I install the Kaspersky AntiVirus if I am a student instead of a boarder?

    No. You should accord with your clause and never download or setup the unauthorized software.

Can I copy these software in my computer at home?

    As long as you are not in these conditions and you have no authorization to use it. Boarders who cancels the application of dormitory or do not live in dormitory anymore should remove the antivirus software to avoid against laws.