Since YZU was founded, we have been doing our best to promote international academic affairs. Through each international event and research cooperation, we have been constantly improving the quality in our education and broadening our international scope. Thus, elevating our student’s competitiveness on to the worldwide level.

The Global Affairs Office (GAO) was established in August of 2008. The GAO first carried on by related work on academic research and development. Through recent years, this school’s cultural exchange has been booming to an international level. We have been dealing with all international affairs throughout the school. Which consists of establishing international connections with other countries and engaging with foreign scholars and academic organizations. We have also conducted in international exchange student’s affairs, academic exchange affairs with Mainland China, recruiting international students, and all kinds of academic conference and exchange affairs. Hence, this has all contributed to our international competitiveness and recognition to attract foreign students to further education in our school.

Three main goals

1. To recruit international students, including degree-seeking, exchange,
and study-abroad students.

2. To assist YZU students in exchange and study abroad programs.

3. To promote faculty exchange and collaboration with academic institutes and
research organizations all over the world including mainland China.



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