Many people are worried that AI will soon replace workers in the future, however, the application of AI also create new opportunities for human beings and convenient life style. Yuan Ze University is well-known for the information and communication technology. To develop new digital economic talents, YZU start to build field-testing campus for the intelligent learning and healthcare, which focus on problem-based learning and help students prove themselves well in a new digital age.

YZU has announced last year that programming language courses would be implemented in the whole school.“ Learning programming language is global trend” YZU President Jyh-Yang Wu said, "especially in the coming age of AI, many people are worried that robotics will replace human staff. " Wu expressed that it is true AI would direct the change of jobs and life; however, we should strengthen students' abilities of software & information at this point. When we marvel at Alpha Go better than human brain, we should know that, behind AI, there are many teams' brain storming by continuous algorithm programming, big data analysis and deep learning. In brief, in the era of AI, we should try to be in a harmonious coexistence for entering era of digital economy.

Wu said that it is future trend of industrial development with artificial intelligence and deep learning. Developing application of deep learning on AI is to use a lot of original data, like image, voice, language and text, to compute, identify and learn through a big neural network. It is indispensable to establish application of AI deep learning, AI chips, cloud center, algorithm as well as neural network combing with image, text and speech recognition. YZU will strengthen the education in this respect and push forward cross-boundary Integration based on programming language of colleges. Students at school can be acquainted with future industry in this regard.

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Yuan Ze University team “Reinforcement” led by Electrical Engineering Professor Kan-Lin Hsiung (熊甘霖) with students Xin-Yu Chen (陳訢畬) and B...
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2019-06-12 09:47:34
The 9th Graduate Exhibition of Yuan Ze University Department of Art and Design took place at Warehouse No.1 in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park fro...
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2019-06-04 09:51:20
Yuan Ze University held 2019 Commencement on June 1st which carried the theme “Dream High” reflecting every graduate as like a paper plane...
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2019-06-03 14:30:34
Yuan Ze University has carried out new policy of bilingual programming language courses and implementing the mobility of creative teaching. The office...
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2019-05-23 10:00:19
Taoyuan City Veterans Service Office actively enforces the communication and cooperation with local colleges and universities to assist veterans on ob...
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2019-05-22 15:40:33
The 22nd Information Communication Graduation Exhibition of Yuan Ze University, entitled as brainstorming at midnight, took place in Songshan Cultural...
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2019-05-20 09:27:33

About Us

Yuan Ze University inaugurates campus public relations function in 1993, and in 1997 instituted the public relations office which was renamed the Public Affairs Office in 2001 after augmenting its function, predicating the communication mechanism with the media, on and off campus interaction. In the light of abolition of the university entrance examination system scheduled for 2002, the supplanting scheme separating examination and nomination fueled the community’s contention for outstanding candidates, coupled with competition from elite universities abroad engendered by Taiwan WTO entry, how to compete with renowned international institutions, how to package the school and conduct effective marketing have become the primary tasks of the Public Affairs Office.

The scope of this office’s capacity includes:
I. On and off campus news liaison and image packaging
This office is responsible for releasing official news and packaging the school image, cementing rapport with the media, and maintaining interaction with the corporate sector. On regular basis the office holds press conference, publish news release and event information to heighten publicity.

II. Alumni service
In 2002 the Office of Student Affairs took charge of the alumni service. Through integrating the university resources, it is able to provide the alumni with more comprehensive service and respond relevant questions and suggestions in a real-time manner. Alumni newsletter is published periodically, serving as the communication channel between the school and its members. 

III. Yuan Ze e-newsletter Editor
The editor is responsible for editing the biweekly e-newsletter of Yuan Ze University. This publication released by the office is to inform students, the faculty, the alumni, and the public the latest events on campus. The e-newsletter also publishes the updating alumni contact information and the academic affairs and activities of the university, promoting Yuan Ze’s educational goals and achievements to the public. 

IV. Fundraising
Fundraising is one of the most challenges for the office. The office’s duties are: to host regular fundraising committee meeting, regulate guidelines for fundraising, and compile potential benefactor list. The office also has to maintain close contact and interaction with the corporate sector and organize fundraising events for the university affairs. To ensure students having more resources and higher educational development is one of the office’s obligations.

The Public Affairs Office is Yuan Ze’s crucial window of contact and communication with the outside world. The office takes initiatives in offering related information and service, with the hope of amassing educational resources for the students through disseminating the results of the university’s endeavour to the public.


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