Yuan Ze University team build a Maker Car, which is a mini base with 3D printer and laser cutting-off machine. The car, presenting the spirit of digital maker, is made by CKfalab team, grouped by Chu-Ching Lin (林楚卿), associated professor of art and design, and students Yi-Heng Lu (陸亦恆), Jin-Jia Ren(任敬葭), Xuan-Yu Chen (陳宣宇) and Wen-Yi Hong (洪瑋毅). They turn electric tricycle into Maker Car by the way of digital design and fabrication. The car can be customized cause it is produced by 3D printer, laser cutting and computer numerical control and is assembled precisely. Besides, Maker Car is also a platform of display, which panels can be opened easily like Transformers.



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