Yuan Ze University received eight awards including a Platinum Award, four Golden Medal Awards, two Silver Medal Awards and one Bronze Medal Awards in 2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo. The Platinum Award is for Prof. Jeng-Kuang Huang of Electrical Engineering whose research about the analysis on random access procedure for multiple users. The four winners of Golden Medal Award are Prof. Juinn-Horng Deng with the standardization to enhance the quality of Broadband RF; Prof. Yu-Hsuan Li with the defrosting system and method of electronic image; Prof. Bo-Hao Chen with video reconstruction and processing by using multimode suppression, and Prof. Pei-Yu Lin with the system of data anonymization when generating QR Code.

In addition, Professor Shu-Yen Lin from of Electrical Engineering and Po-Chih Yang of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science receive two Silver Prizes. In the meantime, Professor Cheng-Hung Lin ‘s research from Electrical Engineering is awarded for Bronze prize.



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