Innovative System of Student Guidance

We make effort to organize "the seamless learning environment "in campus. The concepts of seamless learning environment have developed from three periods: In 1998, the founding of "three in one with teaching, disciplining and counseling. The office of Student Affairs is the Co-ordination unit, integrating office of Academic affair, General affair, Information Services affair and each departments, advisors, parents and community resources. We aim at three dimensions: learning behavior of student, emotional intelligence and behavior.

Hope these to build friendly interaction in teaching, disciplining and counseling for students having suitable living environment. In 2004, we create Service-learning as required course instead of discipline-thinking for the purpose of integrating teaching, counseling and service. We emphasize on the autonomy and social services from the inside out to replacing the code of conducting and discipline- thinking from the outside in to be equipped with the characteristics of world citizens and awareness of community service as professionals. YZU was awarded five years Towards a Top University Plan in 2006 and Teaching Excellence Project in 2008.From 2006 to this day, we promote YZU students to make being a “global citizens and energetic leaders" as their goal. Combine the sections in Office of Students Affairs to provide multiple supports in order to build a friendly campus. For example, Sanitary & Health Care section, Life Counseling section, Counseling & Career section, Extracurricular Activities section and Career Development section. We also Promote ‘YeSir Mentorship Program’, to invite the successful experts in the society as the mentors for the students, who allow them to connect with the world while studying in school.