What is Resource & Support Center

What is Resource & Support Center

It is a subsidiary of Office of Student Affairs (Counseling and Career guidance Section) that aims to be close with the disabled students (physically or emotionally), and we counsel and provide relevant assistance (e.g. studies, part-time work opportunity). Meanwhile, there are friendly teachers in the Resource& Support Center to provide services and handle the administrative work. The Resource & Support Center is a private space for the disabled students. We welcome any students to come here to study and take a rest while relaxing your mind.

Service hours:

Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 17:00


(R8303) Resource & Support Center, 3rd Floor, Building 8

Purposes of Service:

●To assist the students with disability (physically or emotionally) to complete their education, help and give them advices in their career development.
●To encourage all the students to participate in the interaction activities with the external association.

●To assist students to handling the barriers in their life, psychology, career and etc.

●To provide an adequate education for students to enhance their overall development.

●To enhance the understanding and acceptance of other students and staffs towards disabled students.

●To build a barrier-free environment to facilitate the perfect campus.