The disinfection will be conducted on June 29th

Date: June 29th (Sat.) 9:00~12:00

Disinfection Area:

Disinfection will be conducted in all dormitories (1st&2nd female & male dorms) and public area including lounges, reading rooms, bathrooms, hallway, basement and so on.

※ If the disinfection can not be conducted as scheduled because of the weather, it will be rearranged.


  1. Restaurants will not be open on June 29th (Sat.)
  2. Please shut down all the appliances and close all the door and window.
  3. Cover up your food container and rinse off before use.
  4. Do not enter the area within two hours after the disinfection.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To establish a felicitous environment for nurturing global citizens and energetic leaders.

Our Mission

To create a challenging environment that fosters life wisdom and mutual caring, and stimulates students’ potentials, so as to nurture global citizens and energetic leaders equipped with multiple intelligences, esthetic creativity, health, happiness, and a social conscience.


Application Procedures for Granted Students to Stay in the Dormitory


  1. Target :
    • Undergraduate Foreign Students who enter from 2018 August
    • Graduate Students (including foreign students)
  2. Granted Staying Period:
  • Undergraduates/ 4 Semesters
  • Graduates/ Master for 4 Semesters, PHD for 8 semesters
  1. To continue to stay in the dorm, one must go to Student Housing Service Office to register and has to pay NTD 2,000 deposit from April 8th ~ April 11th at General Affairs Office. (Building 1 first floor)

※If one still owns money to school, the fee has to be cleared before applying to stay for the next semester.

※If one who entered the school in 2019 has paid the deposit, he/ she does not have to pay the deposit again.

  1. If one does not want to stay in the dorm for the next semester, he/ she must fill out “Dormitory Discontinuity /Give up Bed Capacity” form and send it to Student Housing Service Office before April 11th and move out before June 23rd.
  2. If one does not register, pay the deposit, fill out “Dormitory Discontinuity /Give up Bed Capacity” form, one will be considered as disqualification for staying in the dorm.
  3. If graduates has reached to their granted staying period but wish to stay longer, he or she has to register at Student Housing Service Office so that they can be put in the waiting list.

Contact Us

Counseling & Career Development Section
Ext.:2235, 2913, 2877, 2878, 2915, 2916、2927

Extracurriculum Activities Section
Ext.:2925, 2232, 2241, 2247, 2876

Life Guidance Section
Ext.:2237, 2240, 2246, 2249, 2918

Health Sanitary Section
Ext.:2233, 2236, 2234, 2920

Student Housing Service Section
Ext.:2881, 2882, 2866, 2880, 2867, 2868, 2869, 2865


Headquarter of OSA
Ext.:2238, 2919


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