Introduction to Campus Cafeterias 


 1 . The on-campus dining areas are Food Court #1, #2, #3, and those in the Dorm #2 and Teaching Area,where

are managed by the Student Housing Service Section. The Sanitary and Health Care Section is responsible

for inspecting these dining areas.


 2 . The guideline for food service is to provide inexpensive food meeting the standards of hygiene. All discounts

provided by these cafeterias will be announced via e-mails.


 3 . Through the feedback questionnaire in every semester, cafeterias are evaluated, and suggestions for

improvement are given based on the needs and feedback from students, staffs and faculty members. Also,

the YZU Business Guidance Committee will ensure the quality and safety of food provided by the cafeterias.


 4 . All on-campus cafeterias use re-usable tableware, which are washed at high temperatures using dishwasher

following the environmental protection policy and ensure students’ safe dining experience.


 5 . If you have any suggestions regarding the food service on campus, please contact the Student Housing Service

Center at ext. 2880.


ღ   Menu  

。美食一街 Food Court #1                 。

ii Cafe

。美食二街 Food Court #2                。


。美食三街 Food Court #3                。


。其他 Others                      。


。新宿餐廳 New Dorm                   。



 。校園教學區 Teaching Area               。




ღ        2019- Shift Arrangement for Cafeterias     





ღ   Cafeteria Information  

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