YZU Distinguished Alumni Selection Rules

Passed in the 6th administrative meeting of 2008 dated Nov 24, 2008 

Article 1 These Rules are formulated for the purpose of recognizing YZU alumni who have made important contributions to the university and the society so as to promote the university’s reputation and encourage the current students enrolling at YZU to keep their efforts for their future life.

Article 2 YZU alumni who have honorable and distinguished achievements in their professional careers or have made great contributions to the society and have not served as full-time staff and faculty members or researchers in the university are eligible to be nominated as candidates for the Distinguished Alumni Program.

Article 3 Nomination Method
1. The candidates for the Distinguished Alumni Program are nominated by the Alumni Association of YZU and approved by the Board of Trustees.
2. The candidates for the Distinguished Alumni Program are nominated by the individual department or school and approved by both the department or school faculty meeting and the college faculty meeting.
3. The candidates for the Distinguished Alumni Program are nominated by YZU alumni, and there are a minimum of 5 nominators from YZU alumni for endorsing this nomination.

Article 4 Selection Criteria
1. The Distinguished Alumni Selection Committee is comprised of eleven to fifteen members. Its core committee members include the vice president, the dean of each college, the director of public affairs and the chairman of the Alumni Association of YZU; other members shall be appointed by the president from alumnus representatives and internal or external faculty members. The vice president is elected as the convener of the Committee and the director of public affairs as the executive secretary of the Committee. All resolutions of the Committee shall be carried out after the approval of the president.
2. The Distinguished Alumni will be born through a distinguished alumni selection meeting with at least two-thirds of the total committee members being present at the meeting and the approval of at least two thirds of the committee members present.
3. The quota for the Distinguished Alumni Program each time is no more than 5 members.

Article 5 The timetable for the distinguished alumni selection will be announced by the selection committee, and the nomination unit shall submit a nomination form to the selection committee as listed in the timetable.

Article 6 The award will be presented to each honored alumnus at the school-wide convention. In addition, the president will present each honoree with a recognition plaque and its certification for recognizing his/her individual major achievements. Recognition also includes carrying the honorees’ achievements and contributions in school-wide publications and website as well as releasing news to the public.

Article 7 Each honored alumnus shall assume the responsibility of promoting the university’s educational philosophy and its management results as well as giving substantial assistance in its future development.

Article 8 Once the honored alumnus individual is found to have improper behavior injuring the university’s reputation, he/she may be disqualified from the list of the Distinguished Alumni through a resolution made by the selection committee.

Article 9: The Regulations comes into effect after the approvals of the administrative meeting. Amendments to the Regulations should follow the same procedure.


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