YZU begins to recruit international students in the East Asian countries for the New Southern Policy launched by the Tsai Administration. YZU, Far Eastern Apparel (Vietnam) and Vietnam National University (VNU) in Hanoi sign the MOU on November 11 at YZU. Nguyen Kim Son, President of VNU, also visits the campus and has a substantial conversation with his counterparts.

President Jyh-Yang Wu says YZU works with her founder Far Eastern New Century for the student recruitment project, hoping the partnership with VNU will cultivate the potential workers for Far Eastern Apparel, the textile factory in Vietnam. According to the MOU, the project offers a dual degree diploma, requiring students to study two years in YZU, and another two years in VNU, Hanoi. Students have internships in Far Eastern Apparel during the summer time. The alternative education plan is students study in VNU for three years, and one year in YZU. Wu says the project is the win-win cooperation; the university recruits more excellent international students, and the industry expects potential workers. The University-Industry partnership ensures students receiving the quality education and prepare for their professional career in the future.

YZU and VNU of Hanoi sign MOU for New Southern Policy

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Dep. Chinese Linguistics & literature hold graduation exhibition with technology

Dep. Chinese Linguistics & literature hold graduation exhibition with technology

YZU Dep. Chinese Linguistics & literature held four-day graduation exhibition “The age of Chinese Bloom” combining with classic text a...

22 days ago
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12/27(三) 12:00-14:00 九大職能星職涯測評─挖掘隱藏在冰山下的職涯發展潛力,本活動提供課程時數2小時與餐點。

12/27(三) 12:00-14:00 九大職能星職涯測評─挖掘隱藏在冰山下的職涯發展潛力,本活動提供課程時數2小時與餐點。

九大職能星職涯測評 快來挖掘你隱藏在冰山下的職涯發展潛力吧!   因線上報名踴躍,活動加開名額, 本學期最後一場職涯測評, 對生職涯規畫有興趣的同學, 看過滑過點過但千萬不要錯過報名哦!   九大職能星測驗以「職能冰山理論」為基礎, 將職能分為:技能、知識位在冰...

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元智大學獲產學技術聯盟合作計畫(產學小聯盟) 僅次成大 列全國第二
Yuan Ze University vision 20 - 迎雙十里程‧立百年基業

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