YZU hosts the 28th Anniversary on March 18, and Board Chairman Douglas Hsu gives his speech. This year the event presents the community art festival, party fair, and charity sales. The alumni association promotes products made by ICAN Bakery Shop which employs individuals with autism. YZU also organizes the Open House Day, inviting high school students for a campus tour. Legislator Wu Chih-yang (吳志揚) and Chen Shei-saint (陳學聖) pay their visits for the anniversary. Having the same name with YZU President Jyh-Yang Wu (吳志揚), Legislator Wu says he supports Wu with all his heart.

YZU set the theme “Being Smart and Resilient to Build New Careers” for this year, hoping the University is moving forward and creating more success factors in higher education. Mr. Hsu quotes Fireside Chats, facing four world trends: population aging, technologically advanced, urbanization and globalization. Instead of distance challenge, presence matters the most. It’s important to identify who you are, who you will be, and what future is heading.

The dramatic shifting in world trends has an essential impact on business management and development, so do higher education institutes. Live application in Social media has minimized the distance among countries. Taiwan seems to less affected and head in the wrong direction. “We should foresee challenges and set up practical strategies, ”Hsu says. Globalization has affected everyone, and we should identify and make the best use of information flow. As for YZU, adapt education goals and plans to the changing trends in Taiwan society is the key to success. Hsu says YZU will support our government policies in higher education, and consistently pursue academic achievements.

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元智大學獲產學技術聯盟合作計畫(產學小聯盟) 僅次成大 列全國第二
Yuan Ze University vision 20 - 迎雙十里程‧立百年基業

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