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General Affairs Office

  • Processing Affairs of General Affairs Office synthetically.
  • Planning Businesses of General Affairs Office, Supervising works of General Affairs Office.
  • Contact: Miss Mao / ext.2260

Finance and Property Management Section

This Section has two main branches. The Finance branch is responsible for handing receipt and disbursement of funds and safekeeping the securities. The Property branch is responsible for managing the property of University also managing and lending the clothes of bachelor.

  • Managing the accounts of revenue and expenditure
  • Operating the collecting and handing over of tuition, incidentals, and fee of dorms
  • Safekeeping the securities
  • Managing the property
  • Managing the houses and lands
  • Managing and lending the clothes of bachelor
  • Contact: Ms. Hsieh / ext.2262

Business Management Section

This Section has three main branches. The Procurement branch supplies educational facilities for the campus, the Documents branch is responsible for the processing and filing of official documents, the Procurement branch cleans and beautifies campus environment. The section also manages and controls vehicles for official use.

  • Operating the procures of the instruments from overseas and internal (Contact: Ms. Lee / ext.2277 or Ms. Liu / ext.2018)
  • Receiving and sending documents (Contact: Ms. Chen / ext.2266)
  • Dispatching vehicles for official use (Contact: Mr. Ji / ext.2272)
  • Cleaning the environment in the campus and taking care of the plants (Contact: Mr. Jhuang / ext.2014)

Construction Maintenance Section

This Section is responsible for comprehensive planning for campus development. Budgeting and bid-inviting for construction projects also maintaining and remodeling of campus building, classroom, water and electric facilities.

  • Planning the projects
  • Putting forth projects
  • Maintaining and remodeling of campus building and classrooms
  • Maintenance and amending water and electric facilities
  • Contact: Ms. Hsu / ext.2275

Campus Security Squad

The Security Campus Squad ensures that the campus is the safest possible environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. It monitors the main entrance of the campus and enforces parking rules and traffic regulations on campus.

  • Keeping the safety in the university
  • Managing the car enter and exit the university
  • Contact: Mr. Liu / ext.2261 or 2270