About Us

Appointed by Yuan Ze President and concurrently engaged by a professor, Chief General Affairs Offices administers university-wide general affairs issues under the orders of the President. A deputy general affairs officer assists the Officer in executing all the affairs with the help of a secretary. The Office consists of Business Management Section, Finance and Property Management Section, Construction Maintenance Section, and Campus Security Squad. Each section has a section chief, several specialists and assistants.

Bearing a pragmatic and harmonious attitude and a creative working spirit, General Affairs Office staffs provide support of university-wide ambiance and facilities, teaching and research. With a visionary and striving-to-be-excellent spirit and a comprehensive development in mind, they also actively plan construction of campus buildings, beautify modern campus landscape, strengthen and maintain campus security, effectively manage university properties, improve the efficiency of handling official documents, enjoy convenient campus buses and promote express services, etc.

Guided and empowered by the Chief General Affairs Officer, the staff share various levels of responsibilities and enjoy the team work with the best economized manpower to jointly discuss solutions of various problems, smoothly eliminate all the barriers and difficulties and successfully fulfill all the tasks. The ultimate goal is to establish a campus ambiance of amenity, elegance and modernization and provide a most perfect and convenient services for the whole faculty and students.