YZU ranks first in private schools on the EMBA preference again

Yuan Ze University launched the first EMBA program in Taiwan which is not only the oldest but the pioneer among EMBA in private universities. Accord to a survey from Cheers Magazine on the EMBA preference and rating among 3,000 managers or major enterprises, YZU has remained the top one in private schools for two years

Chih-Hung Hsieh, director of EMBA program, said that the main reasons to attract students to study here are the school programs, faculty, alumni resource, and school mission. The College of Management has ACCSB (Accreditation of Chinese Collegiate School of Business), and provides students different program. They provide various courses from 66 full-time teachers in school, as well as, case studies with specialists such as from senior manager of IBM, GE, Industrial Technology Research Institute or Commerce Development Research Institute. They also provide co-teaching courses to inspire students to be perceptive by integrating theory with practice.