YZU opens teaching area in Lung Sheng Barracks on Dec. 14

To encourage soldiers for continuing lifelong learning, the 6th Corps Command work with Yuan Ze University again. Lieutenant General Hsu Yen-pu and YZU President Wu Jyh-Yang together unveiled the YZU teaching area in Lung Sheng Barracks on the morning of Dec. 14, and visited the display of equipment and some training in the camp.

YZU President Wu Jyh-Yan said the people who like lifelong learning have better brain receivers and are much quick on the uptake, which is the so-called“becoming smarter”. He sincerely admired the 6th Corps to take initiative and work efficiently. They not only commence YZU credits for the Master's program, but continue to set up YZU teaching area and open several popular courses of certification and language for the officers and soldiers to study. Wu praise Lieutenant General Hsu as excellent alumni. He believes YZU will have more opportunities of cooperation with the military to create a win-win future under Hsu leadership.

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