2018 YZU Art & Design Workshop finished successfully

Yuan Ze University holds 2018 Art & Design Workshop that invites eight local and international artists to make creation and give instruction to students in school. The organizer not only holds workshop final presentation but also invites the local performance team of Eight Generals to present show for Taoyuan citizens.

Prof, Kuan-hua Chen, the Chairperson of Departments of Art and Design, said that students are divided into eight groups directed by artists individually in the workshop. The artists and students create artworks together and their creative works includes various types such as architecture design, installation art, performance, fashion shows, video and community communication. There are three Japanese directors, Akihito Okunaka, Kaya Hanasaki and Yasuhiro Kaneda, and five local ones, Shaokai Yang, ShiKai Tseng, Yu Jung Wu, Yi-Hsuan Peng, Xuanming Chen and Rui-ming Huang.