Taoyuan mayor take part in YZU Commencement Ceremony

On June 10, YuanZe University held Commencement Ceremony for around 2,500 graduates. The life of Professor Emeritus Kuo-Ming Wang , founder of YZU was invited to give the speech this year and Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan took part in the ceremony. Board Chairman Douglas Hsu also sent hearty congratulations the graduates.

YZU President Wu Jyh-Yang (吳志揚) said that Commencement is a certification of learning outcomes, and hoped graduates keep lifelong learning after school. There is no limit to knowledge and a commence means to begin but not to end.

Taoyuan Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng said that Taoyuan city has the youngest population over six municipalities and YZU has done a great job on education- developing outstanding graduates, getting good achievements or honors in extramural competitions and motivating Taoyuan into a younger state correspondingly. YZU is the important team that city government works and consults with such like Asia Silicon Valley Development and establishment of centers for Internet of Things (IOT) recently. YZU is never absent in improving Taoyuan better. The city government and YZU create win-win situation in the fields of industry and academy. He welcomes graduates to work or study in Taoyuan after school and contributes to this city.