YZU alumni contribute to industry-academy cooperation

Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsang of Taoyuan attended the 30th anniversary of Yuan Ze University on March 23rd and delivered compliments to the university. YZU, with very good connection in Taoyuan and high-quality students, is a cradle of incubating professional people and plays an essential role in collaboration between academia and industry. In the future, YZU will truly become city campus after putting the train tracks underground to drive surrounding opportunities.

Mr. Douglas Tong Hsu, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, recalled the difficult and humble beginnings of the school, and thanks many people’s contribution. He also reminds the university to think the way for next 30 years.

Many alumni came back to participate 30th anniversary activities including Legislator Wu Chih-yang to play Saxophone with famous band. Some of the entrepreneurial alumni made contribution of industry-academy cooperation for thanking the school’s cultivation. Especially in digital era, Yuan Ze University has strong ability in the research of IoT, Big Data and AI. The students are well-equipped that not only have outstanding performance in the competition but win great recognition in the industry. YZU alumni also provided opportunities of internship and employment and some of them took their children to the school.