The team of Gerontechnology Research center in Yuan Ze University takes “Smart life, Internet of Things, Technology for the Elderly” at its core and transfers the researches into a series of smart products in the hope of improving the life of the elderly and caregivers.

With help from Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Gerontechnology Research Center and some well-known domestic bedding manufacturers established SEDA G-Tech. Professor Xu Yeliang, the director of the center, said that seven YZU graduated students have also become entrepreneurs. They used sensing and communication elements on the familiar objects of the elderly in the home, such as mattresses, floor mats, seats, etc., and turn them into IoT products. Only using the wireless AP in the home to access the Internet, it can be plug and play. Those products not only provide home care and health monitoring function, but their main purpose is to interact with the environment and family.



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