The Office of Library and Information Service at Yuan Ze University has held Innovative Apps Challenge for three years. Total of 25 teams participated the competition and 11 teams entered the final. The team with the idea of “One phone in hand, all places pass through.” won the first place in the end.

The champion team is consisted of three students from Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Their idea of work originated from the need for a boarder to use student ID to enter and exit the dormitory. For students who go out for a short time, however, it is particularly troublesome to take an additional student ID. If you lost it, it would become inconvenience. As a result, the team designed an app that can simulate the student ID, and the user can use NFC or QRcode on the phone to pass through any place which is required to swipe student ID. The judges praise the app as practical, functional, mature and popular equipment that solves an actual problem. The app was unanimously approved by the jury to win the championship.



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