Yuan Ze University held 2020 graduation ceremony on the evening of June 13. It was the first time to arrange different ceremonies for school and college students with the separation of time, routes and the flow of people. In accordance with epidemic prevention, it applied real-name registration, shortened to one hour and asked students to turned the tassel by themselves instead of President Wu, Chairman Hsu and teachers.

YZU President Jyh-Yang Wu encouraged students with three words, honest, pragmatic and accurate, hoping that they should face a problem honestly, make a strategy pragmatically, and do it accurately whether go to work or study.

The world has entered a New Normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, and many thinking must be reorganized, Chairman Douglas Hsu said. An epidemic has changed all concepts and behaviors, and digitization and action are becoming more and more important. He expects students to adjust their thinking and paces at any time as well as reposition themselves with good strategies. In addition, students have to review their self-expectations consistently. Because there is no way to be attained in a blink, everyone must have a strategy and patience when doing anything, and then work harder. In the meantime, Chairman Hsu also hopes Yuan Ze University rethinks the position to adjust strategy and makes better educational plan for students in the future.

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