To cultivate Interdisciplinary talents with both professional and digital abilities, Yuan Ze University constructs a student-based learning environment by "digital education" and " interdisciplinary learning". With innovative teaching thinking, strengthening digital education and application, it is able to lead students to think creatively, conduct cross-domain learning and cultivate students' ability to solve social and industrial problems that may be encountered in the future.

The project of Digital Education helps students' digital abilities take root, and cultivates digital economic talents by promoting compulsory programming language courses, digital teaching support, digital interdisciplinary micro program, digital maker education and the IoT platform of smart campus. Meanwhile, YZU students are offered the opportunities of internships in the ten major institutions of the Far Easten Group, and the programs of exchange students or dual degree with the top 100 universities in the world during their studies that provide them the industry-academia connection and international mobility.



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