Yuan Ze University has accelerated the development and application of smart campuses after the epidemic. In the future, students, teachers or administrative management can easily understand the state of school and student learning by connecting with big data, IoT and the cloud.

YZU President Jyh-Yang Wu said that Yuan Ze University is well-known for its information and communications, and devotes to promoting artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and other aspects. Students also have outstanding performance in participating out-of-school contests. Besides being the first domestic university with world-reputation English teaching, YZU became a piorneer in 2017 to teach the new bilingual languages (English and programming language) in the school as compulsory programming language courses (even the Chinese language department is no exception). It meets the needs of the big data era and the rise of artificial intelligence, as well as, the model of economy in the future.

After the epidemic, schools also have to consider adjusting teaching methods. Smart campuses and classrooms are imperative. The platforms of IoT Smart Campus based on AIoT include the smart parking-space monitor, the intelligent environmental monitor, and the smart classrooms. At present, YZU arranges the College of Electrical and Communication Engineering as the fisrt learning field, and will expand to all colleges and the whole school.



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