Yuan Ze University participated in 2021 Taiwan Innotech Expo and won a total of three gold medals, four silver medals and two bronze medals.

Yuan Ze University received nine awards, including three professors of Electrical Engineering Department received the gold-medal: Prof. Shih-Hao Fang for “Deep-learning-based speech enhancement system”, Prof. Huang-Chia Shih for “The system and Sensor Array for Data Acquisition”, and Prof. Juinn-Horng Deng for "RF Leakage Elimination Method for Improving Transceiver Isolation". Professor Liang-Chih Yu of Information Management Department won the silver medal for "Financial Unstructured Text Analysis System and Its Method", as well as, Associate Professor Tai-Yuan Su of Electrical Engineering Department for "Evaluation Device for Tears on the Eye Surface", and Associate Professor Chia-Chieh Shen of Mechanical Engineering Department for "Dehydrogenation Method of Hydrogen Storage Materials". Professor Guo-bin Jung of Mechanical Engineering Department was awarded bronze medal for "Respirator System and Medical Gas Delivery System". In addition, associate Professor Bo-Hao Chen in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering won the silver and bronze medals for " Driving assistance method, device and system based on fuzzy optimization Collections Framework” and “Image enhancement method and processing device based on entropy-preserving mapping prior”.

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