Yuan Ze University (YZU) has been taking advantage of the management thinking “innovation, quality, and flexibility” as a private university, and is able to react swiftly to the ever-changing demands of the whole environment, as well as continuously reforming to the ideal system in higher education. YZU has the best potential and preparation to be the top private university in Taiwan and in the world for several reasons below:
1. YZU has a healthy fiscal structure and rich educational resources.
2. As a private university, YZU’s many innovations have exerted tremendous impact to the higher educational in Taiwan.
3. With its outstanding performance in teaching and research, YZU is the representative of top private university in Taiwan.
4. YZU has clear educational ideals, mission, vision, goals and strategies.
5. YZU has been ready to become an internationalized university.

YZU’s innovations have been adopted by many universities and have become main-stream in Taiwan. The remarkable innovations and achievements of Yuan Ze can be summarized as below:
In 1990, YZU first implemented “Faculty Achievement Reward System,” evaluating the teaching, research, and service performance of the faculty, and adopts a flexible salary system, providing the maximum reward of NTD 30,000 per month.
In 1993, YZU first initiated the “Public Affairs Office,” with the emphasis on shaping the public relations and university images.
In 1994, YZU fist initiated the “Department of Information Communication,” placing the emphasis on the integration of design, communication, and technology.
In 1996, YZU fist initiated the “Office of Information Services” to combine the University Library and the Computer Center.
In 1996, YZU first initiated the “EMBA Program of the College of Management” in Taiwan.
In 1997, Yuan Ze first initiated the “School of Lifelong Education” among all universities in Taiwan.
In 1997, Yuan Ze first initiated the “General Program for Management Study” for freshmen.
In 1998, Yuan Ze first initiated the “One-Stop Service Center” among all universities in Taiwan.
In 2001, Yuan Ze initiated the policy which demands at least one quarter of the core courses for undergraduates be conducted in English.
In 2003, Yuan Ze became the first university to receive the “National Quality Award.”
In 2005, Yuan Ze first allowed 10% of its students to make unconditional transfer to another department in the second year.
In 2005, YZU received both “Teaching Excellence Project” and “The Aim for the Top University Project” awards.
In 2008, YZU received the “Fuel Cell Top Research Center Program” sponsorship by MOE.
In 2009, MOE conducted a “University Campus Environment Management Survey and Achievement Evaluation,” and YZU was the only one that was rated “Exceptionally Excellent” among the 175 universities of Taiwan.
In 2010, YZU is the first to transform the College of Management from a department-based to a program-based professional business school in Taiwan.
In 2010, YZU was recommended by the Environmental Protection Administration as one of the 3 universities that is highly active in the “Promotion of the Environmental Protection in 2010.”
In 2011, YZU received the “Outstanding Energy-saving Award” by Ministry of Economic Affairs. YZU is the only school among all winners.
In 2011, College of Management and Department of Information Management acquired the accredited membership of AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), which only top 5% school of business management are listed.
In 2013, YZU was ranked as one of the top 100 universities with great potential in The Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 Rankings. Also, YZU was ranked as one of the top 100 of The Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings.