Educational Principle & Ideal




Yuan Ze University adheres to the principle of  "Excellence, Thoroughness, Vision and Harmony" in anticipation of educating students to be independent, self-determined, responsible, and cooperative to serve the society and the nation, and make contribution to the welfare of mankind.


●Our goal is the pursuit of truth.
  Our passion for the academics and the continuance of traditional culture fuels us to explore the truth of the universe and the human spirit.

●Our objectives aim at creation and innovation.
  We study science and develop techniques to improve the quality of technological civilization and natural environment.

●Our life is based on harmonious nature.
  We emphasize morality and indulge in arts to attain a life of self-respect and gratitude.

●Our living rests on a healthy body and mind.
  We strengthen our body and cuilivate our temperament to achieve the highest value of life and the ideal of serving people.