About Us

In recent years, campus environmental protection and laboratory safety and health issues have received increasing attention. In order to build a sustainable campus that is progressive, safe, sanitary, healthy and humane learning environment, Yuanze University adheres to the principles of "excellence", "pragmatism" and "macro" , with the purpose of "harmony", we promise to abide by laws and regulations in the spirit of pollution prevention, hazard prevention and continuous improvement, and make unremitting efforts to improve environmental quality and promote safety and health.

In order to implement environmental protection and occupational safety and health management, and to comply with the need to comply with relevant government laws and regulations, our school has established the Environmental Protection and Safety and Health Center as a first-level unit of the school in accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the Labor Safety and Health Law, and operates in accordance with ISO14001 And the requirements of OHSAS18001 serve as a framework to clearly define applicable locations, business organizations, and management systems, and supervise the safety and health rights and responsibilities of relevant personnel in units at all levels, implement automatic inspection plans and internal and external audit systems, and promote environmental protection, safety and health management.


The center has a director and 4 professional and technical staff, who are responsible for school environmental protection and occupational safety and health.