Reach out to the world, YZU open English programs

Yuan Ze University actively becomes bilingual university in recent years and has pushed forward several programs like joint Dual-degree, learning away from home, exchange students and oversea business Internship. YZU has leap into first place in the country on international academic cooperation and its international student ratio is also among the best. Since this year, YZU has opened English programs for bachelor and each college has recruited 30~40 students. In response to new southbound policy, YZU also promotes collaboration with industry to cultivate students and enhance their global mobility.

According the magazines reported recently, the international outlook of YZU comes into the sixth highest total in the country and the number of cross-border universities is especially on the top, which means YZU has defeated several national universities. “YZU is the first bilingual university”, YZU President Jyh-Yang Wu said, “ although YZU is a young school without many students, its international vision is on the top place among hundred or more universities.” Speaking English may not be necessary a condition of internalization but cannot do without English. When the government promotes new southbound policy, English is still the main language for the business promotion in south and southeastern countries. As a result, learning English is the primary step for students.

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