Amid the growing local outbreak and epidemic warning to Level 3 in Taipei and New Taipei, Yuan Ze University's Academic Affairs Office announced to adopt remote teaching for all students till the end of the semester. The policy of faculty members working in different places will be updated on a rolling basis depending on the epidemic.

The graduation ceremony this year, originally scheduled to hold on the evening of June 5th, are suspended due to the pandemic. The ceremony will be held by "online pre-recorded video " to reduce the risk of cluster infection

In addition, Yuan Ze University arranged technical staff to work in different locations. Since May 17th, it has authorized designated supervisors to decide the faculty members living in Taipei and New Taipei can work at home based on their business. It will be implemented for three days and follow-up will be adjusted according to the development of the epidemic. . At the same time, wear masks throughout work and class. All faculty members are requested to take their own temperature before going to work. If you feel ill or have fever, please apply for leave, wear masks and go for medical treatment as soon as possible.



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