General Accounting Office

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Comprehensively manage the school's annual budget, accounting and statistics, etc., the accounting business of the office is divided into two groups as follows:
Preparation of the University's budget; allocation of the annual budget; accounting services; maintenance of the Office's general affairs and property; preparation of income and expenditure summons; collation and reporting of various certificates and documents; preparation of various accounting statements and annual accounts; registration and control of standardized accounts; computerized planning of the Office's operations; review of requisitions, project orders and contract orders; processing of requests for payment and payment of university-wide certificates; financial planning and Medium and long term school development; registration of change of corporation; individual comprehensive income tax return.
The audit and control of income and expenses of the industry-academia-education cooperation program; the audit and control of income and expenses of the education promotion program (including course fees); the audit and control of income and expenses of the representative office; the preparation of income and expense summons; the filing of individual comprehensive income tax returns; the audit of requisitions; the office's general affairs and property maintenance; the closing of project funds, the preparation of reports, and the submission of receipts for review.