MOST- Funding for Attending International Conferences

Q1: How do teachers handle applications to the MOST for attending international conferences?


Teachers must apply according to the “Operational Guidelines for the Executive Yuan MOST Subsidizing Domestic Experts to Attend International Academic Conferences.” The grant application must be submitted to the MOST six weeks prior to the day of the international conference (using online applications). For the application methods, please visit the home page of the MOST and log into the research talent individual web -> research subsidies online application -> domestic experts applying to attend international academic conferences. After applying, the link to send payment must be clicked. This application will reach the MOST after compilation and confirmation from the school.


Q2:    What is the limit for applying with the MOST to attend international conferences?


(1) Applicants are restricted to one stipend per accounting year. Those who are subsidized twice within the same accounting year will not be accepted during the next accounting year.

(2) Applicants who have applied for similar grants with other organizations must not apply again with the MOST simultaneously. For those whose papers have coauthors (including students), each paper is restricted to a stipend for one person.

(3) The total items for the subsidy are as listed below:

3.1 Round-trip plane ticket costs: airplane tickets using the most direct route from Taiwan to the location of the conference. Ticket costs are based on the limit approved by the MOST. During reimbursement, this must not exceed the upper limit of the MOST grant. The tickets are purchased in advance of the subsidized period prior to leaving the country and are restricted to Taiwanese airlines. However, those who are unable to fly on Taiwanese airlines for any reason should fill out an application for employees officially leaving the country on flights from foreign airlines. After agreement by the employer or approval by an authorized agent, applicants can change to a foreign airline.

3.2 Cost of living during the period outside of the country.

3.3 Registration fees for attending the conference.

3.4 Procedural fees (including passport fees, visa fees, and airport service fees).

3.5 Insurance fees (the comprehensive insurance amount for employees officially traveling outside of the country is NTD 4 million).

The above subsidy costs are first advanced by the subsidized person when leaving the country.

(4) Currently, MOST stipends are not provided for conferences held by China. However, if the conference is held by an international organization and the China side is merely the assisting organization or the location of the conference, then application for a stipend is still permitted. Hong Kong is currently considered part of China.


Q3: What documents are required for funding write-offs when applying with the MOST to attend international conferences?


Within a month after returning, teachers should set the following documents to a certificate of deposit (in duplicate). Funding write-off is handled according to the administrative process on the form.

(1) Faculty Overseas Travel Report Form.

(2) Faculty Overseas Travel Application (updated version on 2011/1/3).

(3) Documents related to funding write-off.

(4) MOST grant document photocopies.

In addition, please complete and submit an MOST online report and fund expenditures to aid the school in completing cases and requesting payment from the MOST.


Q4: Can graduate students attending international conferences apply for funding and stipends from the MOST?


(1) The MOST provides grants for Master and doctoral students to attend international conferences. For related methods, please see the “Operational Guidelines for the Executive Yuan MOST in Subsidizing Domestic Graduate Students to Attend International Academic Conferences.”

(2) At the end of the month, two months prior to the month during which the first day of the conference takes place (for example, if the first day of a conference is March 1, then the application must be submitted prior to January 31), applications must be submitted to the MOST (online application). Overdue applications are not accepted.

(3) Applicants are limited to one stipend per accounting year. For papers with coauthors (including teachers), each paper is restricted to a stipend for publication by one person.

(4) Total subsidies are used for grant funding. The subsidizing items include round-trip airplane tickets and administrating fee for attending the conference. Each subsidy cost is first advanced by the subsidized person when leaving the country.

(5) Subsidized persons should prepare documents in duplicate within fifteen days of returning to Taiwan (Faculty Overseas Travel Report Form, Project Program Employee Travel Application, documents related to funding write-off, and photocopies of MOST subsidy documents). Funding write-offs are handled according to the administrative process on the form. Reports on attending international academic conferences must be submitted through the online system of the MOST website to handle the writing off of funds.


Note:For anything above that contradicts MOST subsidies, MOST grant regulations are to be used as the standard.