About YZU Research

Industry-university collaboration, intellectual property management, and technology transfer are the key components in implementing application-orientated research in YZU. “Green Technology” and “e-Life” have been two core research fields in YZU. These two research fields will continue to serve as the flagships for the application-oriented research in YZU. The research in the “Fuel Cell/Lithium Battery” will be the focus of “Green Technology,” and it is expected to drive the advancement of research in other areas such as green energy, green materials, solar photovoltaics, bioenergy, and energy policy on the campus. The research in the “Communications Intelligence Technology” will be the focus of “e-Life,” and it is expected to drive the advancement of research in gerontechnology, digital content, knowledge services and innovation, cultural and creative industries, and telecom policy. At the end, the goal of “ Green University Town with Intelligent e-Life” can be realized through the implementation of these proposed action plans in application-oriented research.

Based on a solid academic foundation, Yuan Ze University devotes itself to application-oriented research and makes substantial contributions to the enrichment of human civilization, well-being and sustainability

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