School Funding to Attend International Conferences

Q1: How should teachers apply with the school for funding to attend international conferences?


(1) Teachers who wish to apply with the school for funding to attend international conferences must apply for funding with the MOST six weeks prior to the conference.

(2) Please fill out the “Yuan Ze University Faculty Overseas Travel Application” and attach the conference information, invitation letter, abstracts of the published papers, MOST programs, and related grant correspondence. Submit this application to the school according to the administrative process on the form.

(3) Each faculty is limited to funding for one international conference each academic year. Actual subsidization is based on accountable allowances. The maximum annual stipend for each person must not exceed NTD 30,000. If the papers intended for publication are beneficial to enhancing the strength of the areas of focus of the institute or department, then this limit can be adjusted to NTD 50,000.

(4) If a paper has co-authors, the stipend is limited to one person per paper. Other co-authors (including students) must not use the same paper to apply for subsidization within or outside of the school.

(5) For other stipulations, please refer to the “Yuan Ze University Teacher Application Methods for Funding to Attend International Conferences.”


Q2: What is the account confirmation process for school subsidies for teachers attending international conferences?


(1) Those who receive stipends should attach receipts and reports within a month after returning to Taiwan. According to the account write-off stipulations of this school, this is sent to the Office of R&D to handle funding write-offs within the year of the subsidy.

(2) Information that must be attached for account write-off: Faculty Overseas Travel Application, Faculty Overseas Travel Application, documents for the write-off of related funding (including electronic plane tickets, boarding passes, travel agency collection transfer payment receipts (buyer: Yuan Ze University), conference registration fee receipts (for example, if payment was made using a credit card, then the credit card bill must be attached), exchange rate tables, etc.), report for school subsidies for teachers to attend international conferences (word/pdf), conference agendas, and so on.

(3) For costs of living (handled according to the subsidization standards of the MOST), exchange rates are based on spot sales rates the day prior to leaving the country.


Q3: How do students apply for a stipend to attend international conferences?


(1) Stipends for doctoral students are coordinated by the budget of the Ministry of Education in coordination with the school.

(2) Each person is primarily subsidized once each year. In addition, this is restricted by the annual budget of the Ministry of Education and the school.

(3) Stipends for the Asia region are restricted to NTD 20,000; for other regions they are restricted to NTD 40,000 (accountable).

(4) An application for a grant must be submitted to the MOST at the end of the month, two months prior to the month in which the first day of the conference takes place (for application methods, see MOST–Funding for Attending International Conference). If this time is surpassed because a paper has been accepted by the general assembly, submission and acceptance of the application by the MOST can be avoided. Please attach information in support of the paper’s acceptance. If the applicant has missed the MOST application period, then the application will not be accepted.

(5) Those cases in which the same case has already been accepted for MOST funding must not apply for Ministry of Education funding from the school again.

(6) For those with coauthors, the stipend for paper publication is restricted to one person. Other coauthors (including teachers) must not use the same paper to apply for grants within or outside of the school. In addition, they must sign on a declaration stating that they have not applied for grants from other organizations.

(7) Currently, stipends are not provided for conferences held by China. However, if the conference is held by an international organization and China is merely the assisting organization or arranging the conference location, then application for stipends is permitted. Hong Kong is currently considered to be part of China, and conferences held there are handled in the same manner as those of China.

(8) For other related regulations, please refer to “Yuan Ze University Guidelines for Handling Subsidization of Doctoral Students Attending International Conferences.”


Q4: What is the account verification process for school stipends for students to attend international conferences?


The subsidized person must provide the following documentation for the approved subsidized items within two weeks following the end of the conference (and must cooperate with the closing time for the accounting year), following the sequence of schedules in the “expenditure certificates of deposit.” In addition, following review by the department head, these documents must be submitted to the Office of R&D to handle reimbursements.

(1) Faculty Overseas Travel Application.

(2) Related documents: boarding passes, electronic plane tickets, travel agency collection transfer payment receipts (buyer: Yuan Ze University), reference fee receipts (for example, if a credit card was used for payment, then the credit card bill must be attached), foreign currency exchange rate tables (exchange rates are calculated based on the spot sale rate of the day prior to leaving the country), and daily living allowance tables. Those who take foreign airlines must additionally attach the Application for Employees Leaving the Country Officially on Foreign Airlines.

(3) Application for Travel for Project Program Employees (new edition on 2010/2/8).

(4) Approval notice.

(5) Report for attending international conferences (word/pdf).

(6) Conference agendas and related information.

In addition, during the reimbursement of funds, the electronic files for the entire reported and published paper and the report on attending the international conference shall be transferred to the Office of R&D’s business contractors via email.


Note: If any controversies of the FAQ, it shall always refer to its Chinese version.