Industry-University Cooperation Programs

1.   How should the performance bonds for program signing be handled?


The program host submits a borrowing form to the R&D department to process the loans.


2.   When the program is completed, how should funding been written off?


(1) Related documents for the program should be issued during the program implementation period before being written off.

(2) The reimbursement process is handled according to the stipulations of this school’s accounting office.


3.   What is the procedure in the case of funds being used up, or research that has not been completed during a program?


The program can be extended with the consent of the authorizing agencies. If the authorizing agencies indicate penalties in the contract in the case of a program that is not completed on time, this will be handled based on the contract.


4.   If there are research funds that have not been expended at the conclusion of a program, how should they be handled?


In accordance with the refund procedures stipulated in the contract.


5.   How should management fees for program administration be provided?


(1) Please list the program budget table in the contract or in the program, and state this school’s administration management fees. For those that were not entered in the contract or stipulated by the program, please provide the actual budget table when applying for contract signing and sealing to assist the Office of R&D and the accounting office in writing off funds after the program.

(2) Research Center programs are in accordance with the provisions in the “Yuan Ze University R&D and Industry-University Cooperation Center Management Methods.” For other programs, please follow the provisions of the “Yuan Ze University Research Program Management Fee Provision Standards.”

(3) If authorizing organizations are unable to provide for management fees, please tender notices or related proof. If an explanation was not requested for signing, it can be enacted after being approved by supervisors. However, cases in which management fees are not listed are not to be included in the performance for that academic year.


Note: If any controversies of the FAQ, it shall always refer to its Chinese version.