【Notify】All faculty, students, and colleagues are kindly advised against installing and utilizing third-party free software without discretion, in order to prevent cybersecurity incidents.

Recently, there has been a surge in ransomware and malicious software attack incidents. Once a user's computer is infected with such malicious software, it could result in the encryption of all accessible files on the computer (including network drives and shared folders), rendering them inaccessible and unreadable. In more serious cases, an infected computer could also be utilized as a launching point for targeted attacks on other entities.

To maintain campus cybersecurity, all students and staff members must abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Regularly update the account passwords for various information systems, websites, personal computers, and servers.
  2. Devices such as printers, cameras, network switches, and IP routers must not utilize default passwords.
  3. Refrain from opening emails from unknown sources and suspicious web links or URLs to prevent potential infiltration of backdoor programs.
  4. Regularly back up files on your computer and practice data restoration procedures.
  5. Utilize legitimate antivirus software and update virus definitions to ensure they are up to date. It is recommended to schedule regular full-system scans or perform manual scans on your computer.
  6. Do not download or install unauthorized third-party software from unknown sources.
  7. If you suspect infection, you can refer to the following practices:
  8. It's essential to immediately shut down your computer, disconnect from the network, and remove external storage devices to prevent the continued spread of the infection.
  9. It is recommended to reinstall the operating system and applications. After ensuring that the latest patches have been installed, you can then restore backed-up data.
  10. Before restoring data onto the computer, ensure to scan it with antivirus software to verify the absence of any residual malicious programs.
  11. In case of encountering situations beyond your ability to handle, please promptly contact relevant technical personnel for assistance.
  12. Academic staff members are advised to contact the technical personnel of their respective departments.
  13. Students and colleagues from administrative units are encouraged to contact Section of Network and Media at extension #2325.