【Information】2023 Taiwan Internet Governance Forum


2023 Taiwan Internet Governance Forum
Date: Oct 04 - 05, 2023
Venue:Fubon International Conference Center


【Information】2023 Cyber Security Competition

2023 Cyber Security Competition Online Registration Start ~
# Competition Total Prize $810,000
Welcome to the challenge, compete for team glory, there is a chance to win a high prize.


【Notify】All faculty, students, and colleagues are kindly advised against installing and utilizing third-party free software without discretion, in order to prevent cybersecurity incidents.

Recently, there has been a surge in ransomware and malicious software attack incidents. Once a user's computer is infected with such malicious software, it could result in the encryption of all accessible files on the computer (including network drives and shared folders), rendering them inaccessible and unreadable. In more serious cases, an infected computer could also be utilized as a launching point for targeted attacks on other entities.

Notify Upcoming end of support resources for Office

【Notify】Notify Upcoming end of support resources for Office(2023/10/10)

Using versions of Office that are no longer supported, or using Office on unsupported operating systems, may cause performance and reliability issues over time.
The following table shows upcoming end of support events that affect Office that you should be aware of.

New Features Launched on YZU App (Version 2.2.02)

[Announcement] New Features Launched on YZU App (Version 2.2.02)

We are excited to announce the release of the latest version (2.2.02) of YZU APP, now available for download. This update introduces several new features to enhance your app experience: activity check-in, accommodation application, self-organized roommates, and property inquiry.

Service Adjustments to Google Workspace (G Suite) Updates

Service Adjustments to Google Workspace (G Suite) Updates

  1. Google has rebranded G Suite for Education to Google Workspace for Education. With this rebranding, the free edition for Education will be renamed to Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals with the new storage policy.
  2. Schools and universities will get a baseline of 100TB of pooled cloud storage shared across all their users for free. This policy will go into effect in July 2022 for existing customers, which Google released in February 2021.