Service Adjustments to Google Workspace (G Suite) Updates

  1. Google has rebranded G Suite for Education to Google Workspace for Education. With this rebranding, the free edition for Education will be renamed to Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals with the new storage policy.
  2. Schools and universities will get a baseline of 100TB of pooled cloud storage shared across all their users for free. This policy will go into effect in July 2022 for existing customers, which Google released in February 2021.
  3. The current usage amount of YZU G Suite is up to 500TB, among which more than 95% goes for Google Drive.
  4. The amendments of the YZU G Suite services have been proposed and passed at the 1st Information Services Meeting of the academic year 2020 and approved by the university president as follows.
    1. YZU G Suite services to all YZU students with qualified accounts will cease from May 20, 2022. Additionally, new applications for G Suite will no longer be working from July 2021.
    2. G Suite services to YZU faculty and staff will remain under educational purposes and the prohibition of private demands.
  5. To cope with the new regulations, the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) would like to remind all those having the account to pay attention to the following.
    1. Google Workspace for Education works for educational purposes only according to Google policy (Ref. 2).
    2. Remove the insignificant files to minimize the Google Drive space. To keep from risk, try not to save important data in the cloud.
    3. Back up your files regularly. Refer to the guided ways below (Ref. 3).
    4. OLIS schedules to reduce YZU G Suite cloud space from February 2022. G Suite for Education will no longer be available to all YZU students from May 20, 2022.
    5. Utilize what OLIS is offering, Office 365 features including Office Online, email, OneDrive, and Teams.
    6. For those who have private demands, try other paid cloud services.
  6. Free Google Workspace (G Suite) is provided by Google. YZU is not authorized to any management of implementation.

For any inquiry, contact the Section of Network and Media at the extension #2325.


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Announced by Office of Library and Information Services