Yuan Ze University Teacher Evaluation and Reward

  • Teacher Evaluation and Reward System

    Yuan Ze University launched its implementation of Teacher Evaluation System in the second year of establishment in 1989. With continuous modifications and adjustments over 20 years, the system has been running well and is accepted and supported by most of the faculty members.

    All full-time teachers employed more than one year have participated in the teacher evaluation process. The teacher evaluation is carried out annually by assessing performance in three items: teaching, research, guidance and service. All procedures of evaluation and reward are completed according to the Teacher Evaluation and Reward Regulations. The results of this evaluation are approved by the Teacher Evaluation and Reward Committee.

    Fully respecting the specialty of each field of the university, departments set up their own measuring standards and methods for evaluation in teaching and service. College sets up quantification standards for research evaluation according to the characteristics and specialties of the field. The results of this evaluation are approved by a 2-level, department and college, Teachers’ Review Committee. The rankings are rated as Excellent, Very Good, Good, and Fair for each item. In recognition of the teachers’ achievement and effort, a reward in relation to the result of the evaluation will be given to the teacher individually. For teachers who fail the evaluation or have poor performance, a system of instruction and assistance will be triggered.

    Teacher evaluations rated as ‘Excellent’ in three items are eligible to be recommended for the selection of ‘Excellence Award’. The winners, 4 teachers of each item, receive a medal and reward of NTD120,000 in teaching, NTD200,000 in research and NTD60,000 in guidance and service. 

  • The change and development of YZU Teacher Evaluation and Reward through the years

- 1990: Yuan-Ze Institute of Technology started implementation of the teacher evaluation system named ‘Teacher Performance Evaluation’
- 1991: To stimulate the faculty and avoid negative thoughts regarding evaluation, the system was re-named the ‘Teacher Performance Reward’
- 1992: Minimum requirements were set for the evaluation of the three items. Teachers were allowed to choose any items for evaluation subject to meeting the minimum requirements
- 1996: The ranking of evaluation was changed from A, B, C, D to Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair. The selection of the ‘Excellence Award’ was based on the rankings of the teacher evaluation
- 2000: For research evaluations, the measuring standard of five fields was set. Teachers could choose a field for evaluation according to their academic specialty
- 2004: To raise the honor of the Teacher Evaluation and Reward, an awarding ceremony of ‘Excellence Award’ was initiated together with the University Anniversary Ceremony. The recipients are now expected to give a speech in the ceremony. The medals of ‘Excellence Award’ are hung outside the lab of the recipients.
- 2005: The system incorporated the ‘Y. Z. Hsu Yuan-Ze Chair Professor’, the ‘Y. Z. Hsu Outstanding Professor’, and the ‘YZU Chair Professor’. YZU has now built up a complete faculty development and reward ladder.
- 2007: The system was transformed into the ‘Teacher Evaluation and Reward System’ 

  • Indicator of Teacher Evaluation


    Evaluation Indicator



    -      Basic teaching requirements

    -      Student’s learning questionnaires

    -      Improvement of teaching methodology

    -      Improvement of student’s learning effects

    -      Participation of tuition workshops and instructive activities

    40 percent


    -      Publications, papers and books

    -      Running projects

    -      Received academy Awards  

    40 percent

    Guidance and Services

    -      Student Learning advice and life counseling

    -      University administrative work

    -      Department administrative work

    -      External consultation

    -      Community services 

    20 percent

  • Procedure of Teacher Evaluation and Reward

  • Counseling and Assistance to the underperforming teachers

    The result of teacher evaluation is connected to the faculty members’ promotion, continuing employment and faculty governance. Also, limitation for the failures as penalty is regulated, e.g. part-time teaching outside the school and exceeded teaching hours are not permitted. Underperforming teachers are requested to have an interview with the chairperson of the department in relation to the failed item. Counseling and assistance will be arranged by the responsible departments. Continuous failure in 2 years might cause the outcome of dismissal or discontinuing employment under the deliberation of 3-level Teachers’ Review Committee.

  • The characteristics of YZU Teacher Evaluation and Reward System

    I. The core spirit of the system is ‘rewarding the excellent teachers and assisting the underperforming ones’. The purpose of teacher evaluation is not for punishing or eliminating the ineligible teachers. In accordance with the rankings of evaluation, YZU awards the excellent teachers with high honored rewards and arranges related instruction and assistance for the teacher who fails the evaluation or has fair performance in any items.
    II. Entirely respect the specialty of faculty members. Teachers have the right to choose any items for evaluation as long as he/she conforms to the minimum requirements of each item. Senior and outstanding professors are entirely respected as well. YZU chair professors, former presidents of YZU, and recipients of national academic award don’t have to attend the yearly teacher evaluation. The recipients of the ‘Excellence Award’ don’t have to be evaluated in the awarding item for the following three years.
    III. Integrate Teacher Evaluation and Reward to ‘YZU Faculty Development and Reward Ladder’. Based on the Teacher Evaluation and Reward System, YZU has built up a complete reward and counseling mechanism for each level of professors. For newly employed or senior teachers, YZU offers extra rewards, superior stimulations and counseling assistance. The system was integrated to the faculty’s academic development and reward ladder, illustrated as following: 



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