Yuan Ze University Faculty Evaluation and Reward

●Faculty Evaluation and Reward System

 Yuan Ze University launched the implementation of the Faculty Evaluation System in the second year of its establishment in 1989. With continuous modifications and adjustments over 30 years, the system has been running well and is accepted and supported by most faculty members.

 All full-time faculty members employed for more than one year must participate in the faculty evaluation process. Full-time faculty members employed for less than one year may participate in research evaluation and performance rewards. The faculty evaluation is carried out annually by assessing performance in three items: teaching, research, consultation, and service. All assessment and reward procedures are completed according to the Faculty Evaluation and Rewards Regulations. The Faculty Evaluation and Reward Review Committee approves the results of this evaluation.

 Fully respecting the specialty of each university field, departments set up their measuring standards and methods for evaluation in teaching, consultation, and service. College sets up quantification standards for research evaluation according to the characteristics and specialties of the field. The Faculty Evaluation Committees of the department and college approve the results of this evaluation. Each item’s rankings are rated as Outstanding, Excellent, Good, and Fair. In recognition of the faculty’s achievement and effort, a reward for the evaluation result will be given to the awardee individually. A system of instruction and assistance will be triggered for faculty members who fail the evaluation or have poor performance.

 Faculty evaluations rated as ‘Excellent’ in three items are eligible to be recommended for selecting the ‘Outstanding Award.’ The winners of each item receive a medal and reward of NTD100,000 in teaching and NTD60,000 in consultation and service.

Procedure of  Faculty Evaluation and Reward

教績 英

Counseling and Assistance to the underperforming faculty
The result of faculty evaluation is connected to the faculty members’ promotion, continuing employment, and faculty governance. Also, limitations for the failures as the penalty is regulated, e.g., part-time teaching outside the school and exceeded teaching hours are not permitted. Underperforming faculty members are requested to have an interview with the chairperson of the department about the failed item. The responsible departments will arrange counseling and assistance. Continuous failure in 2 years might cause the outcome of non-renewal of employment under the deliberation of Facultys’ Evaluation Committees.

Please refer to the link for applicable regulations each year
 https://www.yzu.edu.tw/admin/so/index.php/en-us/regulations/personnel-office-regulations   No.36-38

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