Yuan Ze University Alumni Association (new)

In order to integrate the alumni associations of various departments, regional alumni associations, and future alumni associations of various countries, the "Yuan Ze University Alumni Association" was officially established on December 15, 2022. With the recognition and support of all alumni, the Alumni Association will have a clear division of labor and operation with the alumni associations of various departments, regions, and countries, and bring together everyone's strengths, to develop the YZU alumni organization vigorously.



Alumni Association of Yuan Ze University

In order to connect with alumni, the "Alumni Association of Yuan Ze University" was established in 1999 to assist alumni to grow and create the peak of their careers, promote YZU with the success of alumni.


Department Alumni Association

Alumni are the most precious asset of the alma mater, the most important social resource, and the greatest support for the development of the university. In order to provide a platform for alumni, teachers, and students in the school to interact, various departments have established departmental alumni associations.


 Business Administration Elite Association

In order to provide a platform for management elites to communicate, the "Business Administration Elite Association" was established in July 2000. Members of the association include enterprises, finance, military, public education - people from all (different) walks of life.


 EMBA Alumni Association

Yuan Ze University’s EMBA has cultivated many outstanding alumni. Therefore, the "EMBA Alumni Association" was established to connect the friendship between alumni and students in each session.